The Disarming Illusionist

Find out why organizations like Mini Cooper, Olive Garden, The Capital Grille, and Stockdale Country Club have all hired David for their events:

David is the product of a single, hardworking mother. Having a positive and encouraging role model inspired him to always go outside his comfort zone in order to grow and adapt as a person. This led David to becoming a performer in a
unique way. After joining the U.S. Army at the age of 23, he found that he had a
natural ability for entertaining his fellow soldiers. While training to be a combat medic, he would perform impressions of his drill sergeants in front of an audience of 400 soldiers. The success of these performances drew him to other types of entertainment.

While serving as a medic David started to learn magic. While patients waited to be seen by the Army doctors, David would entertain them with his magic; soon the doctors were requesting magic tricks as well. Fast forward
11 years and David is still performing. He is disarming to his audiences in his unique way. He is able to adapt and blend into professional environments by drawing on his experience as a professional medic; he had to treat any and every type of personality and has learned how to make people comfortable while in his care. He has transferred these skills as a medic by making people comfortable with his engaging personality and magic.

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